Episode 18 “Time of Contempt Ch. 3-4

“You have a habit of finding yourself in the shit”




After the summary I give my Mount Rushmore of the books, feel free to send me yours (games or books) and I will go over them on the next episode.


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All music is from the Witcher 3 soundtrack.
Sound Effects from Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

3 thoughts on “Episode 18 “Time of Contempt Ch. 3-4

  1. Renfri is credited for all 8 episodes of The Witcher, even though rumours suggest that she will only be present in the first episode and that’s it. So I guess they’re being more loyal to the books :/
    Although I find it interesting that Tissaia has been cast, since she appears to come far later in the books, whereas people assumed that the showrunner is adapting the first two books (The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny). Perhaps they might go further, or have a unique story in addition to the main book plots…

    1. Update- She (Millie Brady / Renfri) is believed to be filming the show in the Canary Islands, where it is believed that they are shooting the “Bounds of Reason” short story among others, as well as possibly adding new stories, e.g. maybe a background of Yennefer. This might mean that Renfri is in more than one episode, possibly expanding her character…

      1. Thanks for all these comments, I will mention them in the next episode. If you have twitter follow me @witcherpodcast and I will be more readily available there. Thanks again!

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