Episode 15 “Blood of Elves” Ch. 4-5

“What have you done to us?”




MVP and discussions begin at 13:45. The Bielski partisons. The morality of guerrilla warfare in relation to the Scoia’tael. The futility of war.



All music is from the Witcher 3 soundtrack.

Sound Effects from Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


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One thought on “Episode 15 “Blood of Elves” Ch. 4-5

  1. I like that distinction you made between peasants and nobles getting married at an early age. I never knew about that. I always assumed people got married way earlier back in the day. Since you have a degree in history and the internet seems to have contradicting sources of information with varying agendas, I thought I’d ask you a related question. You said that whilst they got married earlier, they didn’t really bear any children before 16. What I want to ask you is: Is this based in medieval Europe only, or do other cultures around the world do things similar/different to what you said? How common was this practice worldwide?

    It may seem like a weird question to ask, so please don’t answer if you find it uncomfortable. I am a just curious individual with interest in history. That’s all and thanks! 🙂

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