Episode 10 – A Shard of Ice

Geralt and Yen go on a couple’s retreat.


Discussions include: What does all this mean? Is anyone in the wrong? right?


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One thought on “Episode 10 – A Shard of Ice

  1. I remember when I was looking at the comment section of The Witcher 3. They were talking about if you chose Yennefer or Triss as your love interest. People use to say that Yennefer was a bad choice because of her strict-dominating nature and that it was also like that in the books. But I didn’t imagine her as the adulterous type :/
    Although at the same time, Triss betrayed Geralt in the books. That’s what I heard and I don’t know the context.
    On my next Witcher 3 playthrough, I’d probably choose Triss as my love interest and assassinate King Radovid.

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