The Last Wish/The Last Wish Episode 6

Geralt meets someone special….then meets a famous sorceress.

Discussions include: Background of Djinns/genies, Geralt’s last wish, and the beauty of sorceresses.

Lore Party Witcher episode *SPOILERS*

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Music is from The Witcher 3 soundtrack. Witcher Audio clips from Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Disney clips come from Disney. I OWN NOTHING.

3 thoughts on “The Last Wish/The Last Wish Episode 6

  1. Yeah, the Jinn are largely an Islamic belief, even though some people believed in them before Islam arrived in the Arabian peninsula. There are some core differences between the pre-Islamic and Islamic belief of jinn. Nowadays, whenever people talked about the Jinn, it’s typically from the Muslim perspective. Respective to the podcaster for knowing a bit about our belief! I can understand why he is part of the loreparty website 🙂

    1. I remembered it from a medieval Islamic history class I took in college. It also had some to do with Sufism if I remember correctly. Thanks for listening!

      1. No worries and thanks for the podcasts! It’s like I heard you say somewhere before, this is the only podcast to actually talk about each chapter of the books, so I’m actually quite enjoying your show! Also can’t wait for the Netflix show =D

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