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The Edge Of The World/The Last Wish Episode 5

Geralt bros down with Dandelion, fights a devil, fights a female elf, and meets a god from the machine.

Analysis includes the origin of Dandelion’s name and what I liked/disliked from the story.

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All music is from The Witcher III soundtrack.

All sound effects are from Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

A Question Of Price/The Last Wish Episode 4

Geralt celebrates a quinceañera and dodges flying silverware. Discussions after the summary include stories from the bible and the Brothers Grimm, which draw inspiration from The Law of Surprise.

All music is from The Witcher III soundtrack.

The Lesser Evil/The Last Wish Episode 3

Geralt is forced to choose between evil and earns an infamous nickname. Discussions include Renfri’s background and the idea of her being cursed, and is there a lesser evil in the story?

“Whispers of Oxenfurt”  composed by Mikolai Stroinski

“A Story you won’t believe” composed by Marcin Przybylowicz and Percival Shuttenbach


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A Grain of Truth/The Last Wish Episode 2

This episode covers the short story “A Grain of Truth” from the book The Last Wish. After a short summary I discuss Vereena’s motivations, as well as the actions of Nivellan, and if he should be forgiven.

The Witcher/The Last Wish Episode 1

Whispers of Oxenfurt is a podcast covering the Witcher universe. I try to analyze the stories from a moral and ethical perspective.

I rebooted the podcast to make it a little more focused. This episode covers “The Witcher” and discusses the actions Geralt makes in the story.

“Blood on the Cobblestones” and “Whispers of Oxenfurt” are composed by Mikolai Stroinski and come from the Witcher 3 soundtrack. I hold no rights to anything.


Whispers of Oxenfurt is a podcast dedicated to the Witcher book series. Episodes will be released every Monday, and each will be under thirty minutes. Contact at